10 Social Media Marketing Tools

10 Social Media Marketing Tools

The social media landscape changes almost weekly. Those who use modern social media marketing tools and continue to produce excellent content are more likely to gain attention for their business and, as a result, grow at a faster rate. In this blog, we will be enlisting the list of Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools, to help your business grow rapidly.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Using social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic is known as social media marketing.

Having a good Content Marketing strategy and posting high-quality content to your social media profiles, listening to and engaging with your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements are all part of it.

10 Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media marketing tools are too much important for social media managements. We listed 10 social media marketing tools in bellow –

1| OutGrow

Interactive and immersive content is the future of Social Media. If you want to increase audience engagement, we believe that interactive content is essential. Interactive content is, in fact, twice as engaging as passive content.

There are various social media marketing types that you can use to grow your businesses and this tool is definitely going to help you match your KPI goals.

You can create interactive quizzes, calculators, polls, e-commerce recommendation quizzes, and chatbots with Outgrow. There are two kinds of quizzes: outcome quizzes and graded quizzes. Graded Quizzes are similar to surprise tests in school, but much more fun! It engages your audience and boosts your lead generation efforts.

2| Bit.ly

Isn’t Bit.ly just a URL shortening service? Not. Bit.ly offers some extremely useful insights that can assist you in understanding how social media is working (or not working) for your business.

Bit.ly enables you to track the actions of people who click on your links. When did they first meet? How long did they browse your website? How many leads did each post bring you?

3| Sendible

Sendible is a social media management tool designed for businesses with multiple clients. In addition to the majority of features offered by social media management tools, Sendible allows you to personalize your dashboard to attract new customers.

4| Audiense

Audiense is a social intelligence tool for discovering and segmenting new target audiences. Most importantly, it enables you to gain a better understanding of your audience by revealing how they operate. Audiense will then use tracking and reporting to help you improve audience engagement. Think of it as a tool for building customer relationships.

5| Canva

Canva is a fantastic tool for creating visually appealing content. In addition to custom graphics and image editing, the app allows you to generate GIFs and short animated clips, which are suitable for posting on Instagram or any other social network.

Canva offers a free version with a plethora of free graphics that you can use on your website. It can be a powerful tool when combined with other social media tools to ensure your graphics always look professional.

6| Crowdfire

Crowdfire has been constantly adding new features over the years. It not only allows you to schedule content, but it also allows you to handle your Twitter account and suggests articles to share.

Crowdfire is different from most social media management tools because it enables you to link your blogs, YouTube channels, and online stores and will automatically create social media posts for every update on your sites.

7| Sprinklr

Sprinklr’s corporation technology platform for connecting and serving customers across any channel of the spectrum includes social engagement. It enables enterprise teams to effectively collaborate while also reaching, listening to, and engaging their customers across over 25 social channels.

8| Brandwatch

Brandwatch’s social media management tool brings everything together a social media marketer requires in one place: social media management, engagement, predictive analysis, customer interaction management, and a DIY landing page builder.

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9| Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram content creation tool. It can be used in accordance with Pinterest to bulk upload and schedule posts, as well as pin to multiple boards at once. It comes with a drag-and-drop calendar that makes scheduling content simpler than ever.

10| Khoros

Khoros  (formerly Spredfast) is social media software that is used to manage all aspects of a company’s social media presence by some of the world’s largest corporations.


Social media management tools vary in size and configurations, and which one is ideal for you varies depending on your social media goals and needs. I hope we have listed at least one tool that you might find useful. We tried that this list, scratches the exterior of the social media management tool ecosystem, to give you a gist about what can these tools perform.

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