Best Online Store Builder for Small Business

9 Best Online Store Builder for Small Business

Are you looking for store builder that helps you create shop in minute? This article will help you choose Best Online Store Builder for Small business.

Today, more and more businesses are turning to online marketing. In fact, almost half of all small business have bought advertising online. When this trend accelerates even more, what is the best online store builder for small business? When you are keen on learning more about this topic and the tools on offer, then this article is what you can use as a guide when it comes to selecting the best online store builder for small business.

Here is a guide on the various things you need to take into consideration and some recommendations about Best Online Store Builder.

What is Online Store?

An online store is a business that sells products and/or services online. This can be anything from a small mom-and-pop shop to a large e-commerce company. There are many types of online stores. Here are some of them:

  • Product Catalog Stores – Product Catalog Stores are another type of eCommerce business that you can start. These stores sell products directly to customers via a website or online storefront. In my opinion, Product Catalog Stores are good businesses because they offer a great opportunity for you to earn passive income.
  • Virtual Shopping Mall Stores – As the name suggests, these stores have hundreds or thousands of sellers and offer customers to shop for their products online. Virtual shopping malls are e-commerce websites that provide an online store where customers can purchase goods or services. They are similar to physical shopping malls in that they allow customers to browse through a range of products, search for items by keyword, and choose which ones they wish to buy.
  • Social Commerce Stores – Social Commerce Stores are online stores that sell products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The idea is to increase the engagement of your followers and customers by offering discounts or free gifts for a particular occasion or event.
  • Mobile Commerce Stores – Mobile commerce stores are websites or apps that allow customers to purchase products and services online from the convenience of their mobile devices. It is a great way for small businesses to reach new customers and expand their reach into untapped markets. Especially if they are looking to target consumers who do not have access to traditional brick-and-mortar locations.
  • Cloud-Based Store – This is similar to a catalog store, but it does not require a physical location for storage because everything is stored online, either on servers or cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, etc.

Benefits of Online Store Builder in 2023

From taking a social media presence to building an online store that reaches out to your customers, there are many benefits that you can reap from online store builders. These include:

  1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Building your own store can save you time and money. Because you will not need to hire a designer or spend hours coding HTML pages. Instead, you can simply use a built-in template or design your own from scratch.
  2. Greater Control over Your Store’s Appearance and Layout: You can easily customize the look of your store, changing font sizes and colors, adding videos and pictures, and more.
  3. Greater Customer Satisfaction: Customers can easily find what they are looking for on your website, thanks to easy search features and organized product categories. Plus, you can keep track of your sales statistics in real-time so that you know how your store is performing.
  4. Lower Cost Per Sale: Building an online store from scratch usually costs less than hiring a third-party designer or using a pre-made store template.
  5. Greater Visibility and Exposure: Building your own online store can give you greater visibility and exposure. Because it will be easier for customers to find. Also, you will have more control over the marketing that is associated with your store. 
  6. Increased Revenue: By creating your own online store, you can potentially earn more money than if you use a pre-made store template.
  7. Greater Personalization Options: You can customize the look and feel of your online store to match your unique brand and personality. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and increases their satisfaction with the purchase. 

9 Best Online Store Builder for Small Business in 2023

When you own a business or looking to start one, you need a place to set up an online store. But of course, setting up an online store is not always an easy task. Startups use lots of online tools and resources to help them manage their online store. But it doesn’t mean that they are accessible to all the businesses. To help small business owners find the best tools for their needs and avoid wasting time using unwanted tools and resources for the same, here is a guide about the best online store builder for small business. 

Now you might be wondering why my listed tools are best? Trust me; there are many reasons behind that. This platform is easy to set up, offers numerous features and efficient management tools, and boasts amazing customer support. Fostering a business in this form has helped many small businesses to get huge. Now let’s not waste your time and see which one is best of best for your requirements:

1| Shopify


Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to create a professional online store. It is easy to use and has a wide array of features that can help businesses to manage their online sales and customer interactions. Shopify is an affordable way that can be used by both small businesses and large enterprises. 

Shopify Features

  • Multi-Language Support: It supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Ecommerce Capabilities: Shopify offers a range of features that can help businesses to manage their online sales and customer interactions. This includes features such as an easy checkout process and the ability to track orders history.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Shopify is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, making it perfect for use by businesses of all sizes. 
  • Robust and Easy to Use: This platform is simple to use and offers a range of features that can help businesses to manage their online sales. It is also simple to set up, making it an affordable way for businesses of all sizes to get started with e-commerce.
  • Great Support SystemShopify offers a customer support team that is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues. Also, it is a reliable platform that has been in operation for a long time.
  • Cost-effective platformShopify is a cost-effective platform that offers a variety of pricing plans to suit your budget. This makes it a popular choice for those looking to start or expand their online business.

Overall, Shopify is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently. So why not give it a try today?

2| WooCommerce


If you are using WooCommerce for your personal work, then you are in good company. WooCommerce is another most popular eCommerce platform on the web. The best part is it is used by millions of people across the globe. It is easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

I’ve been using it for years to power my own online store, but I also use it in my day job as well.

I love the flexibility that WooCommerce offers me when building an e-commerce site. It’s really easy to manage products with all of the different variations, and you can even modify existing products on the fly without having to change anything in your database.

WooCommerce Features

  • Sell Anything: This feature allows you to sell any type of product or service, whether it’s physical or digital products, subscriptions, downloads, or event tickets.
  • Built on WordPress: This means that your website will be built on the same platform like WordPress (which is one of the most popular websites around).
  • Rest API: This feature allows users to integrate their apps with WooCommerce and make them available for sale in your online store without creating a new page in your site’s admin panel.
  • Countless Features: There are countless features offered by WooCommerce which can enhance your business experience. Such as a quick search bar for filtering through large lists of items quickly. And catalog mode enables customers to view all categories at once instead of having to scroll through each category individually.

3|  BigCommerce

Woocommerce and Shopify are now becoming so common. People need something new, right? If you’re looking for a way to make your own online store, BigCommerce has the perfect solution for you. The main difference between BigCommerce and other platforms is that it comes with an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions on every sale made through your website.

BigCommerce Features

  • Application Integrations: It has Application Integrations which is a feature of BigCommerce that enables merchants to add additional functionality. This allows users to integrate a wide range of applications with their BigCommerce store by connecting them with various APIs and services. This can be used for product management, inventory control, payment processing, customer service, or any other functionality you want your customers to have access to.
  • Inventory Management: The Inventory Management feature lets you organize your inventory so that all products are listed together on one page rather than being scattered across multiple pages within your site’s content management system (CMS). This makes it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for when browsing through the product.
  • SEO & Analytics Optimization: One of the unique features of BigCommerce is SEO & Analytics Optimization tool. This allows you to optimize your site for search engines like Google by adding meta tags and modifying URLs. As well as changing titles and descriptions in order to improve your rankings in search results pages.
  • Website Customization: Another great thing about BigCommerce‘s customization feature is that it offers a wide range of options and filters. So you can select the right product type and image size according to your business strategy.

4| Sellfy


If you’re a beginner and looking to sell online, but don’t know how to get started, then Sellfy is the perfect place for you. You can easily upload your products and set up your store in minutes with Sellfy‘s easy-to-use interface. I recommend Sellfy for beginners who are looking to sell their digital products online.

Now come to the point. Why should you use sellfySellfy is a platform where you can buy and sell your own products. It is the easiest way to get started in selling your products online without having to spend money on advertising. Also, it has a variety of features.

Sellfy Features

  • Brand Awareness and Customer Base: Sellfy is one of the best platforms for a brand to connect with its customers and sell its products online. It also helps in generating leads and building relationships with potential customers.
  • Product Features: Sellfy offers various product features such as pricing, images, reviews, social sharing buttons, etc. This helps brands in building trust among buyers.
  • Pricing: It also allows the seller to set different prices for different categories depending on the level of demand for a particular product or service in that category or market segment. So it’s really easy to create custom products based on buyer needs using this platform and thus gain maximum sales from them. 
  • Conversion Rate: If you are creating custom products using Sellfy, then you can easily optimize your conversion rate by adding customized landing pages.

5| Squarespace


If you’re looking for a way to build your own online store, then I’ve got the right tool for you. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that will allow you to easily create and manage your website or blog, with no coding skills required. You can choose from one of their many professional templates and customize it to suit your needs. With this service, you’ll be able to set up a secure shopping cart in minutes and start selling products online today.

Squarespace Features

  • Sell Anything – With Squarespace, you can sell anything from custom clothing, photography services, design work, digital products like eBooks or mobile apps to real estate. There are thousands of different items that people can buy on Squarespace‘s marketplace, and it’s easy to get started selling through this platform.
  • Create A Website – Squarespace provides you with everything you need to start building your site quickly and easily. Including drag-and-drop editor templates for various types of websites.
  • Build your Brand: With Squarespace, you can create a professional website that showcases your work and brand. You can use templates or design your own site, making sure it looks great on all devices. 
  • Get a Domain: To make your website even more professional, you can get a custom domain name from Squarespace. This will help you differentiate your site from the competition and increase its search engine visibility. 

6| Square Online

Square Online

When it comes to opening an online store, there are many options out there. One of the most popular is Squareup‘s square online. This site has a variety of features that will help you grow your business and get new customers.

Square Online offers several different pricing plans, so you can find one that meets your needs and budget. There are also plenty of templates to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about designing the website yourself.

Square Online Features

  • Build Online Store: Build a professional online store to showcase your products and sell them to customers around the world.
  • All-in-one Platform: Use the Squareup platform to manage all of your business needs, from inventory management to customer relations.
  • Analytics: Get real-time information on how your customers are behaving, so you can make informed decisions about marketing and pricing.
  • Integrated Payments: Get started accepting credit cards, debit cards, and more with Squareup‘s built-in payment processing.
  • Customer Feedback: Rate and review your products to help customers find the right items and make informed buying decisions.
  • International Reach: Sell online to customers all over the world, thanks in part to Squareup‘s international reach. Overall, The Squareup platform offers an all-in-one solution for managing your small business.

7| Volusion


Volusion is a highly recommended web-based eCommerce platform that allows you to sell your products and services online. It is a very popular tool for entrepreneurs, businesses, agencies, and other

organizations that are looking to launch their own online stores. It is not just an eCommerce platform but also includes many tools like payment gateways, mobile apps, and more.

Volusion Features

  • Responsive Theme: Their responsive theme makes your online store look great on any device, whether it’s a phone or a computer. You can change the layout to fit any screen size.
  • Content Editor: You can easily add new products, revise old ones and edit the pricing without having to contact a web developer. Plus, you can easily create custom RSS feeds for your store so customers can always be up-to-date on the latest sales.
  • Customers Area: Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for by creating nested categories and subcategories in your customer area.
  • Logo + Favicon Upload: Upload your logo and Favicon to use on all of your pages

8| Ecwid


Customers are always looking for the best online store. I’ve compiled a list of 9 recommendations for the best online stores. Our eighth recommendation is Ecwid, a freemium and easy-to-use e-commerce website builder that lets you build your own website in minutes.

Ecwid‘s features include customizable templates, shopping carts with credit card processing, shipping management, inventory management, and more! Ecwid has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by its users on top review sites.

Ecwid‘s Features

  • Products Subtitles: Ecwid will let you create and manage subtitle collections, including adding subtitles from video files. Ecwid also lets you choose different subtitle languages and formats and manage chapter marking. 
  • Multilingual Support: It can sync subtitles in different languages with your videos. So that everyone watching the same video can see the corresponding subtitles in their preferred language. 
  • Create Multiple Social Media Stores: Ecwid gives users the ability to create and manage different social media stores, all of which can be linked with your videos. This way, you can easily share your videos on various social media platforms without having to worry about creating separate accounts for each one.
  • Get Unlimited Storage: It also provides users with unlimited storage for their subtitles and videos, so you can keep everything sorted in one place.

9| Jimdo


Our last recommendation for Best Online Store Builder for Small Business is Jimdo. Do you know why I use Jimdo to create an online shop? Well, Jimdo is a fantastic online shop builder that makes it easy to create a professional online store from scratch. It offers a modern and sleek design that is perfect for any business. Additionally, it is easy to add products, customize your layout, and set up shipping and billing.

Jimdo is available in multiple languages, making it a great choice for people and companies all across the world. Nowadays, the manufacturer is adding new functionality and solutions to remedy any issues that consumers may face.

Jimdo Features

  • Professional Templates: Jimdo offers professional templates that let you create high-quality websites with minimal effort.
  • Simple Design: Jimdo‘s simple, the user-friendly design lets you quickly create professional websites without having to be a web developer.
  • Scalable: It is easy to scale up or down as your business grows or shrinks with the help of Jimdo.
  • Integrated Tools: It also offers integrated tools that let you easily add content, manage your site’s SEO, and track your web traffic.

How to Boost Sales in Your Online Store

Above was just a list of tools recommendations for creating the best online store. Now the things that you should realize that is only by creating a store won’t bring you the profits. For this, you need to make some strategies to boost sales in your online store. So that you can convert traffic into sales. There are a few key things that you can do to boost sales in your online store. Such as:

  • Increase Product Availability: Make sure that your products are regularly in stock so that customers can easily purchase them. This will reduce the number of orders you need to fill and ultimately increase your sales. Plus, it’s a good way to show customers that you value their time and money by fulfilling their orders quickly.
  • Increase Merchandise Variety: If possible, try to include more than one type of product in each category of your online store. This will give customers more options and make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. It will keep things interesting for them, ensuring that they come back to your store again and again.
  • Promote Your Products Through Social Media: Make sure that you’re using social media platforms. This will help you connect with potential customers and increase traffic to your store. It will also give you the opportunity to share interesting information about your products and create a positive association with them.
  • Offer Discounts and Special Deals: Many online stores offer discounts on their products in order to lure in more customers. This can be done through special sales or by offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Either way, this will help you attract new buyers who might not have been inclined to purchase your products.
  • Build a Strong Relationship With Your Customers: Last but not least, create an online reputation for being reliable and customer-friendly, and you’ll likely see a rise in sales. Work hard to make sure that all of your customers feel valued and be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their experience with your store is positive.
  • Live Chat: Many online shoppers prefer live chat to email or phone due to the immediacy of the interaction. You can use live chat as a way to boost sales by answering customer questions, providing fast and helpful responses, and helping customers find what they are looking for.

Final Thought

Online store builders have become a powerful tool for any business to gain access to the best of the web. They can help you build your online presence and sell your products through an e-online platform. The market is filled with different kinds of online store builders, but some stand out as better than others. The top nine best online store builder for small business are listed above. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important that you do your research before choosing which one is right for you.

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