Best Landing Page Builder For Business

9 Best Landing Page Builder For Business

Do you know what is the best landing page builder? Today I will help you choose the best one for your business.

When it comes to creating a landing page, most people would usually go for drag and drop solutions. However, a good and best landing page builder can help you achieve your business goals more efficiently. To help you pick the best option, here I will mention some things that you should look out for when choosing the right landing page builder for your website.

We have compiled a list of the easiest landing page builders for your business to help you get your business running quickly. We take a look at each one and discuss the pros and cons, and features of each so that you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

What is a Landing Page?

In our previous article, we have talked about why should we use SEO tools. This is mainly to drive traffic, and then with the help of one secret tool, we can turn those traffic into leads. There I discussed the landing page but not that much. After then, a lot of people requested me to write about which landing page builder do I use. So, I thought to give you guys a simple list of that. But before that, let’s know what a page builder is.

A landing page is a webpage that has been specifically designed to capture the attention of potential customers. They are also known as lead pages, squeeze pages, or just plain pages. 

The goal of a landing page is to convince visitors that they need your product or service by providing them with enough information and making it look attractive enough for them to want to purchase it. There are a lot of tools available online which can help you create your own landing page in minutes from scratch if you don’t have any experience designing one before. Later on, I will tell you one of those but before that, let’s find out its types.

Types of Landing Page

A landing page is a single page on the website that gives visitors information about your business, which allows them to take action. There are many different types of landing pages. Let’s look at five of the most common ones and explore how they can help you in your business.

1| Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page is a powerful way to that can help you to increase website traffic and conversions. It is ideal for businesses that are looking to rank higher in search engines, build brand awareness, and drive more leads through email marketing campaigns.

This type of Page is perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries. You can use it to generate leads from the web, social media, email lists, and more.

2| Long-form Landing Page

A long-form landing page is a great way to capture leads and convert them into customers. It is perfect for businesses that offer high-value products or services and want to generate more leads from their website.

This will help to increase brand awareness because people will be more likely to take action after reading the content on the landing page.

3| Click-through Landing Page

In order to increase the likelihood of a lead converting into a sale, click-through landing pages should be used. Just enough information is provided on this kind of landing page so that users are compelled to click through to an order form. Details regarding the offer are provided on the page, emphasizing on the advantages and a broad description of the product or service. Also included are videos, testimonials, phone numbers, and further content.

4| Product Details Page

On the product details page, you should provide as much information about your product or service as possible. This is where you want to describe everything that customers need to know about your products and services. Including features, benefits, benefits of using, and how it can help them in a better way. 

These are very important pages that should be included in every website. Because they help customers make their purchase decision.

5| Video Landing Page

The video landing page is a type that allows you to create and host your own video on your website. The benefit of using this page is that it will allow you to get a higher conversion rate for the viewers who are interested in what you have to offer.

A typical example of a Video Landing Page would be if I wanted to sell tickets for an event, I could upload the video onto my site, and then people can watch the video before they buy their tickets. Another way to use this feature is when people are looking for products or services that I provide. So instead of just showing them a text description, I can show them videos that will also help my customers understand what exactly it is they’re buying from me. 

What Does Page Builder Do?

The purpose of the landing page is to engage visitors in some way, either through their senses or emotions. To do this, it needs to be well-designed with attention paid to both its appearance and content. The focus should be on creating a positive first impression for visitors, providing them with a call-to-action (CTA). This encourages them to take some form of action (such as filling out a form). The use of colors, images, and other visual elements help make the page more appealing than just text alone.

On this example landing page, I have used a white background, which makes it look clean and easy on the eyes. While keeping the focus on the information displayed by using some colorful pictures like blue arrows pointing towards the CTA button, which helps grab attention instantly. 

Why Should You Use a Landing Page Builder?

This could be a childish question if you are a website owner. Ask me why you should not you use a landing page builder? 

Using this platform, you can create your own pages quickly and easily. There are various templates that come with the program which will help you build the pages according to your needs. If you don’t have any idea about building websites or blogs, then a landing page builder is definitely the best place to start.

Because it has all the tools required for doing so. It is also an easy way of creating content on your site as well as tracking conversions on your site. This means that every time someone signs up for your newsletter or product mailing list, you get notified via email, which helps in getting new customers. 

You can also track what kind of content gets clicked most by visitors on your site and find out which posts are working best in terms of conversions. 

9 Best Landing Page Builder in 2023

Building landing pages is essential for any kind of digital marketing. Whether you are an eCommerce business or selling a product, it’s important to have a customized landing page that allows people to engage with your brand and share your content. You can also use a landing page as an email capture tool, lead gen funnel, and more. Here is the list of my favorite 9 best landing page builders.

1| Landingi


Landingi is a great landing page builder that can help you create high-quality pages that will convert visitors into customers. 

One of the best features of Landingi is its drag and drop interface which makes it easy to create pages with the right layout and design. You can also add text, images, videos, and forms to your pages to capture leads and convert them into customers. 

Overall, Landingi is an excellent landing page builder that can help you increase your website’s conversion rate.

Landingi Features:

  • A drag and drop interface that makes it easy to create custom pages with the exact layout and design that you want. 
  • The ability to add images, videos, and forms to your landing pages. 
  • The ability to track how many visitors your landing pages are receiving and see detailed statistics about each visitor. 
  • Export your landing pages as a PDF or HTML file so that you can share them with others or use them for marketing purposes.

2| Unbounce


Unbounce is a landing page builder that allows you to create high-quality, effective landing pages in minutes. It has a wide range of features that make it easy to create effective and engaging landing pages.

Unbounce Features:

  • Easy to use. 
  • It’s affordable. 
  • Has a wide range of features. 
  • It’s highly customizable. 
  • It has a great support team.

3| Instapage


Instapage is the world’s most advanced landing page platform that has over 1 million users. It is the best place to create high-converting landing pages, forms, and lead capture pages. With Instapage, you can create stunning online forms, custom-built landing pages, and powerful buttons with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The power of Instapage lies in its flexibility as it allows you to add a wide range of elements to your website. Such as buttons, sliders, text areas, dropdown menus, image galleries, etc. 

Instapage Features:

  • User-Friendly Design – The site is easy to use and has a modern look that makes it easy to create and manage your content. 
  • Powerful Tools – The site has many powerful tools that make it easy to create and publish your content. 
  • Flexible Templates – You can use pre-made templates or design your own template using the drag-and-drop editor. 
  • A Wide Range of Fonts and Colors – You can choose from a wide range of fonts and colors to make your content look professional. 
  • Automatic Blog Post Creation – Your articles will be automatically adjusted once they are uploaded to the website. 
  • A Fast, Reliable Platform – is a fast, reliable platform that allows you to easily publish your content online.

4| Leadpages


Leadpages is a very good landing page builder that helps you create landing pages and even forms in minutes. It also comes with lots of features like email capture, A/B testing, Google Analytics integration, push notifications, and much more. You can create beautiful landing pages without any programming knowledge at all. I loved its functionality. 

Leadpages Features:

  • Build web and landing pages without the need for coding.
  • You may choose from more than 200 well-performing design options.
  • Your email, CRM, and more may be linked to Leadpages. This feature allows you to collect contact information from visitors who complete your lead form. 
  • Using AB testing and real-time advice, increase conversions
  • Publish limitless pages, leads, and traffic for a low monthly fee.
  • You can customize the look and feel of your landing pages, as well as the content that is displayed on them. This gives you control over how your visitors interact with your site, which helps increase conversion rates overall.

5| HubSpot


Most marketers and small business owners may already know about Hubspot. This is my all-in-one marketing tool that I use for several tasks. HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that provides users with the tools they need to start and grow their businesses. 

HubSpot Features:

  • Marketing tools that can help you build leads, track your progress, and measure your results. 
  • Sales funnel that can help you identify and track your customers from lead to sale. 
  • CRM system that can help you manage your contacts, appointments, and interactions with clients. 
  • A blog platform that allows you to share your story and connect with other business owners.
  • Beautiful landing page building options.

6| Getresponse


Getresponse is a platform that allows you to manage your email marketing campaigns and track the results. It also has features that allow you to measure the performance of your email campaigns and analyze the data. Is that so? No, it has some amazing features for landing page building that is unique and easy to customize.

Getresponse Features:

  • Email Tracking: This feature allows you to track the progress of your email campaigns and see how many emails were opened, clicked on, or unsubscribed from. 
  • Segmentation: You can target different groups of recipients with different messages using Getresponse’s powerful segmentation tools. 
  • A/B Split Testing: You can test two versions of a given email campaign against each other to see which one performs better. 
  • Customizable Templates: You can create custom templates for your landing pages, so they look more professional.

7| Sendinblue


For lead building and advertising planning, Sendinblue offers an easy-to-use platform utilized by more than 5,000 organizations. Mobile-responsive landing pages can be created, published, and A/B split tested in minutes with Sendinblue. Attract more traffic to sales with popup forms on your webpage.

Sendinblue Features:

  • Easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs. 
  • It has a wide range of features that make it versatile and efficient. 
  • Reliable and has a good reputation in the market. 
  • Offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.


Systeme is a platform that helps businesses automate their entire customer acquisition process. This includes everything from lead gen to email marketing to landing pages. Oh well, customer acquisition reminded me about one of my content that was based on how to handle customer support Features:

  • A sales funnel helps you generate leads and convert them into customers. 
  • Autoresponder that sends automated emails to your customers to keep them updated on the progress of their orders. 
  • A membership site that allows you to sell access to your products and services to other people. 
  • Its affiliate program allows you to earn commissions when people buy products from your website or through your affiliate links.

9| Webflow


Webflow is a powerful and flexible website management system that can help you create custom blogs, portfolios, eCommerce stores, and more. With Webflow, you can easily create beautiful and interactive website landing pages without any coding knowledge. It is also easy to use and allows you to create websites in a variety of languages. You can also use Webflow to create websites for businesses of all sizes. 

Webflow Features: 

  • Responsive: Landing pages will look great on any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. 
  • Mobile-Friendly: Your website will be optimized for mobile devices so users can access it from anywhere. 
  • Customizable: You can customize the appearance of your website using Webflow‘s drag and drop interface. 
  • Secure: Your website is protected by SSL encryption so you can be sure your data is safe.

How Do You Know Which One is Best?

When you start a business, you need to have an effective way of converting customers into paying customers. The best way to do this is by having a well-designed landing page that can attract the right kind of visitors. And make them want to buy your product or service. 

Now, come to the main part. Above I have listed the 9 cheapest, easiest, and best landing page builder. But you will need to choose only one. That may be difficult for beginners to pick the right one. 

However, When it comes to finding the best landing page builder, there are several factors that you need to consider. Such as:

1| Templates That are Professionally Designed and Optimized

There are many landing page builders available on the market. But the best one for professional use has optimized templates that make it easy to create high-quality landing pages.

It must have a wide range of templates that can be customized to fit any business or marketing campaign.

2| Well Optimized for Mobile

Best Landing Page Builder offers a mobile optimization feature that helps you optimize your landing pages for different devices. This includes desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

By using this feature, you can ensure that your landing pages are optimized for the device on which they are being viewed. 

Instapage has a feature that allows you to create landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices. This means that your visitors will be able to see your page in a format that is easy to read and navigate.

This also means that your landing pages will be able to convert better because they will be more engaging and interactive.

3|  A/B Testing Feature with Several Variables

The integrated A/B testing feature of my mentioned Landing Page Builders is definitely a great addition. It allows you to test different elements of your landing page, such as text, images, and design elements, to see which produces the best results.

4| A Full-Featured Analysis Solution

The comprehensive analytic platform feature of Landing Page Builder is very helpful in understanding how your website or blog is performing. This helps you to make necessary changes and optimizations so that your site can perform better in search engines. Make sure your chosen page builder has this feature.

5|  A User-Friendly, Drag-and-Drop Interface

Hey, can you even be a page builder without this feature? Of course not. However, some simple drag and drop editor features that could be included in a landing page builder are:

  • A customizable header and footer area that can include your company logo, contact information, and other important information. 
  • Option of adding text, images, videos, and links to your page. 
  • The ability to create custom menus and submenus for easy navigation. 
  • Simple way to create custom forms for collecting data from visitors about their interests or needs.

Experts Tips: Best Landing Page Builder 

If you’re looking to increase leads, sales, and customers, landing pages are a great way to do it. Landing pages are designed to capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into leads or customers. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when creating a landing page:

  • Make sure your page is easy to navigate. Perfect for your visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 
  •  Include clear and concise copy that is optimized for search engines. This will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines, which will lead to more traffic and leads.
  • Use attractive visuals that draw the visitor in and engage them with your content. Keep them stay on your page longer and make more of an impact on their decision-making process. 
  • Provide valuable information that will encourage visitors to take action (such as signing up for your email list or downloading your product). 
  • Offer a free trial or some other form of incentive so that visitors have an incentive to convert into leads or customers.

Final Thoughts

A landing page is an important part of any marketing strategy. In this blog post, we have given you a brief overview of what a landing page is and how it can help you to improve your online marketing efforts. We have also looked at some of the best landing page builder that is available today, including UnbounceLeadpagesLandingi, etc. Now it’s time to choose the best one that goes perfect for your business. Then simply use it and enjoy.

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